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Ain Natasyahas quoted8 months ago
would’ve ensued between the two men, had I accepted his forced invitation. “We're going to his grandmother's on Friday to help set up for her birthday party.”

“Ah,” Miriam said. “No wonder you're feeling a bit under the weather. He's gone for three weeks and you'll both have to leave the moment he gets back.”

She smiled and then set about attacking the colossal amount of salt on her plate.

I gazed at her in wonderment. She really did have a keen perception of people. Because that had indeed been the reason why we had fought over the phone.

“Tell him I'll call him next week,” Paul said as he left our small lunch area, and I nodded
Katie Osanohas quotedlast month
doubt if he even knew my name. He's our head IT guy and I do accounting.

So he is my closest supervisor, in that he is responsible for everything that happens on our computer database, including budgets. But I have always simply been a random provider of a function to him and as long as things got done, he


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🔮Hidden Depths
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🌴Beach Bag Book
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    👍Worth reading

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