John Rain

John Rain is an English writer, podcaster and communications specialist. Known for his cult podcast Smersh Pod, he is a Bond fanatic. As an author, Rain has written Thunderbook (2019), Explodobook (2021), and Superbook (2023).

John Rain holds a Bachelor of Technology in Media Production from West Herts College. He writes books that explore and celebrate iconic movie genres. His works are retrospectives of famous film series and eras.

In Thunderbook: The World of Bond According to Smersh Pod (2019), Rain humorously analyzes James Bond films. He examines each movie in the series, highlighting the positives, negatives, and absurd moments.

Explodobook: The World of 80s Action Movies (2021) focuses on 1980s action movies. Rain praises the era's action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. He reflects on how these movies provided comfort during uncertain times.

Superbook: The World of Superhero Movies (2023) covers superhero films from 1978 to 1997. Rain looks back at classic portrayals of superheroes before the modern era of the MCU and DCU.

John Rain lives in Sussex.

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It was 1982 (although it could have been ’81). I was five years old,
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