B.J. Hermansson

MILF - Erotic Short Story

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" ‘... I want sex and no obligations.’
They are silent. Had she said to much? She had just let all of those thoughts inside her head break out and run wild. Just like that. She looks at Nick. Before she has the chance to make sense of the situation, her thoughts are interrupted by his voice:
‘Maybe I can help you with that.’ "

Jane Wilson knows that it is wrong, that it goes against her principles and her role as a mother—but she can't stop herself. Nick and her son are roommates. He is a lot younger than her. The erotic vibe and the attraction are there, and an opportunity presents itself. An innocent errand soon leads to a passionate and sexual encounter.

In a skilled way, B. J. Hermansson’s short stories exist in between the clever and the poetic. At the same time, they inspire the reader to think about and to question our established ideas. Often about norms and sexuality.
Emma Ericson
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