Mark Lioy

WordPress for Beginners

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If you want to discover the most famous Blogging Platform in the World, then keep reading.WordPress is a website platform allowing anyone - literally, anyone - to have a blog up and running in a few minutes.
But you have to know how to set-up, manage and use it!
WordPress is quite easy to use, but it's extremely powerful. It has thousands different functions and it's also easy to expand thanks to the millions of plugins already available today.
In this book you will discover...
▸ Why WordPress is the best platform for your blog
▸ How to setup WordPress, step by step
▸ How to increase the performance of your website with advanced techniques
▸ The importance of having a backup - always
▸ How to actually use the platform
▸ How to analyze the data to increase your traffic
▸ How to publish your content
▸ The best methods to handle your community
▸ The SEO-friendly way to use categories and tags
▸ The best plugins to create photo galleries, podcasts and any other content
▸ The WordPress community and why it's so important
▸ How to use WordPress as a CMS to create any kind of website
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