James Swallow,Marc Platt,Bev Doyle,Richard Kurti,Colin Brake,Patrick Chapman,Imran Ahmad

Dan Dare: The Audio Adventures - Season 1

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The complete collection of season one of Dan Dare: The Audio Adventures. This includes all six episodes: Voyage to Venus, The Red Moon Mystery, Marooned on Mercury, Reign of the Robots, Operation Saturn and Prisoners of Space. Also included are both the documentary ‘Dan Dare: 21st Century Spaceman’ and 'New Worlds - The Music of Imran Ahmad'. This excellent collector’s edition set is perfect not only for fans of Dan Dare and his nemesis The Mekon, but also for anyone who simply enjoys science fiction. Adapted from the original Eagle comic strips, this is a new Dan Dare for our times!

Audio dramatisation based on the Eagle Comic strip ‘Dan Dare’ created by Rev. Marcus Morris and Frank Hampson.
Dan Dare: The Audio Adventures © B7 Enterprises Limited 2017. All rights reserved.
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