Blind Man’s Bluff – And Other Erotic Short Stories from Cupido

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‘Blind Man’s Bluff – And Other Erotic Short Stories’ is a collection that explores what happens when married partners and couples try to spice their everyday and sex lives up as a getaway from their work, home and kids.

This collection includes the following stories:
'Monica’s Mouth', 'A Massive Friend', 'Line’s Gang Bang', 'Blind Man’s Bluff', 'Best Friends', 'Betty and the Black Man', 'The Christmas Party', 'The Watchers', 'Today’s Morning Dream', 'Morning Cuddles 2', 'Morning Mood', 'Sunday Morning', 'Morning Cuddles 1', 'There It Is', 'Surprise Package', 'Is that you?', 'Penchant for Sweeties', 'In the Car', 'In the Dark of the Cinema', 'The Driveway', 'Red Chevy 58', 'Before the Last Train', 'A Fresh Morning Loaf and other Erotic Bakery', 'My Evening 1', 'Arrivals/Departures', 'Wet Pleasures', 'Home Early', 'Warm Shower', 'Haymaking', 'Anal sex', 'The Surprise', 'Norwegian Leather Export', 'Morning Interlude', 'A Power Game', 'The Telephone Call', 'The Man on the Sunbed', 'Nice to Have Something to Look at', 'Foreplay', 'A Naughty Discovery', 'Naughty Fantasy', 'She Will Be Here Soon', 'The Anniversary' and 'A Wonderful Chef'.

CUPIDO – the magazine for intimate, horny pleasure – has been publishing erotic fiction based on readers’ everyday fantasies and sexual experiences since 1984. Published in new sexy collections in collaboration between Hverdag AS/Cupido and Saga.
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