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Story... It is about a story, the plot, and its characters. You, blog writers, are storytellers. Here is the twist, you are also one of the main characters. The blog has an angle for the plot and its perception of the world around it. Blog, as an entity, has an identity, the way of thinking and acting. It has ideas of its own. It is a great help to define these for the blog and yourself as the writer before you start chucking in your best ideas and publishing them.
Blogs want to be found on Google. For this, their content should be countered on the Reader.
Not everyone will use the same words to search. To search relevant content, they will use Semantic words. Your job is to write content which covers these Semantic search.
The reason I am writing this book is because it would make me feel so happy if I can help people understand the core concepts of blog writing. This was a struggle for me when I started writing blogs. I believe that knowing a basic working structure gives people the opportunity to leap forward faster. By helping others to decode basic concepts, I know I am also helping myself as I embark on another journey of taking responsibility. My mission is to make people learn some life-changing concepts quicker regardless of where they find themselves in life.

Ayse Balkose
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